The hilarious Mundi Dance ad by OLX

Can you do the MundiDance ?


Asking money from your father to buy an expensive sports bike? Well we all know how such a conversation goes. OLX India Pvt. Ltd  has released a new campaign ‘Mundi Dance’ which targets millennials. Watch funny Mundi Dance ad here:

Olx’s Bech De proposition has been notched up a level, and this Mundi Dance ad has crossed over 11,57,450 views on Youtube since it was released on May 31. This video is a quirky rap where the boy asks his father for money to buy a sports bike,and when his father disagrees, the boy’s sister asks him to sell off his unwanted things on Olx to gain money. Everybody in the video bobs his/her head while saying the dialogues in a rap style.

OLXs-hilarious-new-ad-Mundi-Dance-300x181 The hilarious Mundi Dance ad by OLX Video

This video is trending on social media and many twitteratis are seen making their own versions of Mundi Dance video. Following are few such stars who were found doing #MundiDance:

We’ve also got some serious head moves here! Our epic .

here you go guys ..not bad eh? let’s see what you have got bro !

The film has been directed by Ram Subramanian of Sniper Shoots who made sure that the actors in the film perfect the signature head bob. While the rap has been written by Lowe’s Sidhant Mago, the music has been composed by Sameer Uddin. The previous campain of Olx – “No More Dekhte Hain” , also received many views and likes throughout social media.

           hqdefault-300x225 The hilarious Mundi Dance ad by OLX Video

The chief marketing officer, Gaurav Mehta, said that this campaign targets the younger audience, mainly first jobbers and college students. While shooting the advertisment it was made sure that all the actors perform the signature head bob well, which, alongwith the rap tone is the most attractive part of the ad.

So, when are you making your #MundiDance video?