Social bookmarking is a taxonomy policy for bookmarks. Such a taxonomy is seldom called a folksiness including the bookmarks pointed to as pins. On the contrary, bookmarks are saved under a folder on your workstation, tagged pages are filed on the Web and can be reached via any computer.
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  • You have the option to allow the bookmark site to pull your current bookmarks from your computer and transfer them to their site.
  • Other users can see your bookmarks online making your site hyper-visible.
  • It shares information on websites to others, which includes what the website is all about and what they think.
  • It allows people to share their most favorite websites.
  • These sites help to save people a lot of time and effort for finding, organizing, and sharing websites.
  • The most important benefits of social bookmarking are that you have a link pointing to your site. A lot of social bookmarking websites have high authority which means those websites are trusted by many of people.


These bookmarks can be public, private or shared with only a specific group of users.

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You can see bookmarks in many ways

chronologically, by specific criteria or by keywords. You will find that it includes the numbers of users who have bookmarked it. You can comment on them, rate, leave notes and email them. You can also import and export your bookmarks.

How can Social Bookmarking help with my website progression?

Being listed on a social bookmarking site can ride state business websites like Digg and Delicious describe the possibility to get a lot of new transactions to your website. In fact, these sites offer the beneficial type of visitors viral traffic. People who arrive your site from a social bookmarking site are frequently there as your Website begun in a search for subjects they were interested in.

Beware – any of the social bookmarking sites will point links out to additional sites as “no follow”. This tells search generators not to follow the link, and so you won’t reap any benefit from additional loops!

Search engines will often list proceeds from bookmarking sites. Thus if your site is bookmarked, this is a further chance to confer up in search results.

Being highlighted on one bookmarking site can often guide to people indicating your site on other bookmarking sites. This may sound easily outlandish, though people who bookmark can use larger than one bookmarking site. If you are successful they may find you within one site and bookmark you on another, which is a large possibility for website succession.

Increase traffic by adding social bookmarking buttons to your website.

Attaching social bookmark links to your blog or website makes it easy for browsers to save and share your content, and accordingly for others to find it.

So, there are numerous benefits to encouraging people so that they bookmark your Website. The type of traffic you will receive will probably be very aimed and retained in the data on your website, so social bookmarking can be a large tool in your website promotion strategy.images-5-1 What is Social Bookmarking? Technology

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