Snapchat is a picture messaging  and multimedia mobile application created by Evan Siegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown when they were students at Stanford University. The company clubs are located in Venice, California.

Snapchat into a mix of single messaging and public content, embracing brand networks, magazines, and live displays such as sports and music.

 Real Life – The Digital Magazine

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Snapchat is beginning a digital magazine called Real Life that will espouse the world of technology. In contradiction of focusing on the news of the industry, Real Life will also emphasize “essays, arguments, and anecdotes about existing technology”.

If you’ve been extreme for some high-minded babble on the issue of how we, as social mammals live in a venerable society, associate with and are impacted by social media and technology, you’re in profit. Snapchat is striving a site called “Real Life” on which merely such gossip will be advertised.

Snapchat is about to launch a new online  technology magazine called “REAL LIFE” , according to a Venture Beat report.

IMG-20160619-WA0036-179x300 REAL LIFE - A Digital Magazine By Snapchat Technology   Ohbly.comSnoopy, the publication will be active on the web and not in the app. Jurgenson says that Real Life will hire one lot of planning every day of the week. Though others divert finally expand to other constituents and constructions as well. Posting one item a day on various topics, but not app reviews or hot pockets on the latest web drama.

Real Life is being benefited by Snapchat, though Jurgenson is mindful to mention in his post that the site will possess editorial independence. This new site will be launched on June 27, and if you’re engrossed in the scene the supervisors are promoting, head to their site of Cronenberg’s “Videodrome in Manhattan that evening.

A meaningful discussion on technology has conveyed the idea that there is a digital term isolated from the secular world rather than essential to it. – Jurgenson


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