Hello folks, in this blog I will be covering all the steps to master Facebook Page Marketing to grow your business. I will be adding one new step every day. So stay tuned.

4 Steps to grow any business using Facebook:-

  1. Create Facebook Page
  2. Reach more people with Facebook ads
  3. Create high quality content to engage audience
  4. Influence new people with mutual connections

Do you know! Facebook users spend 40% of their time on the newsfeed alone.

Facebook Ad Fundamentals:-

Accurately advertising to your targeted audience is the key to Facebook Marketing. You can reach people that match your audience based on their:-

    1. Demographics – gender, age, and more.
    2. Location
    3. Interests – hobbies, activities, Facebook pages they like and more.
    4. Buying behavior – online and offline
    5. and more.

3 Step Facebook Sales Funnel

  1. Creating high-quality content to engage the audience [ Aim: Attract Fans]
    1. Here Content includes – images, infographics, videos, or anything that will engage people.
    2. Promotions/Offers [Aim: Gain interest Fan => Lead]
    3. Convert a fan to lead by offering incentives, deals, contests, and ebooks.
  2. Build Trust [Aim: Lead => Client]

Reasons you need a Facebook Page

  1. To connect to the audience or share updates related to your business/brand/organization.
  2. Facebook pages come lots of benefits like
    1. Running a poll
    2. Hosting events
    3. Sharing stories, and more.
  3. Directly connected to the customer base for feedback and a quick reply from them. 

Create a Facebook Page

  1. Log in to your Facebook account, if you don’t have an account then create one.
  2. Click the down arrow on the top right corner of the page, and then click on Create Page
  3. Pick a specific page type that you want to create.
    1. Local Business or Place
    2. Company, Organisation or Institution
    3. Brand or Product
    4. Artist, Band, or Public Figure
    5. Entertainment
    6. Cause or community
  4. Customize Facebook Page @username  to claim your Facebook URL
    1. It’s a one-time thing so be careful while creating it, it is possible to change in the future but not certain as we need to request Facebook.
  5. Add Cover photo
    1. Image size – 180 x 180 px
  6. Add profile picture
    1. Image size – 828 x 315 px
  7. Choose a Button for Call to Action on your page
    1. Facebook gives you four options to choose from:-
      1. Book our services
      2. Get in touch with us
      3. Learn more about us
      4. Make a purchase or donation
      5. Use our app or game 
    2. For this blog, I will be using Shop Now button under the fourth option – Make a purchase or donation.
    3. Next, we can add a link to this button.
  8. Add a short description in the About section
    1. It appears in google search results so choose keywords accordingly 
  9. Fill All the Page Information in the About Tab
    1. Including Address and Phone, required for google location search
  10. Choose a Facebook Page Template
    1. Go to page settings => Edit Page => Templates
    2. Click on the edit button and choose the appropriate template as per your need.
  11. Customize Tabs on Facebook Page
    1. On the same Edit Page, go to the tabs section and toggle the Tabs as per your need.
  12. Customize Facebook Audience
    1. Under Page Settings, goto preferred page audience in the left-hand sidebar
    2. select location, age, and interests 
  13. Assign Page Roles
    1. if there is more than one user using the page, you should make use of Facebook role manager

Build Your Audience

  1. Invite your friends
  2. At least 25 likes required to claim the Facebook Url

Build Your Page By Adding Content

  1. Post a minimum of 10 posts including text, images, videos, etc.
  2. Don’t pose all in one day, make use of the schedule button or draft to post later using the Publishing Tools tab.

Yes, I know I can cover more steps in this series of Master Facebook Page Marketing to grow your business, which I will be, actually a new step daily.

That’s all for today, thank you for your time. Stay tuned for a new Facebook tip tomorrow.

Please feel free to send me any comment, suggestion, or correction you may have by writing in the comment box below.