Every once in a while, we meet someone who make us believe into the things we have stopped believing in and rather perceive it doesn’t exist anymore. Few days back, while I was riding from Uber Cab in Jaipur, my friend’s mobile slipped from his jeans and fell into the car. Unknowing about the incident that happened we reached our destination and thanked the driver Mr. Phool Chand for his generous and helping behavior throughout the ride. As we got busy in chilling out with my friend at a nearby shop, I received a call on my mobile phone after 20 minutes. The call was surprisingly of Mr. Phool Chand, who curiously and in a soft tone asked “Did you left anything in the car, Sir?

To my surprise I checked all my belongings and said I’m sure no to which he asked me again, did you lost something in the car? To my amazement, I asked my friend, if he has missed something in the cab? To which he replied, Yes! I have lost my phone. I asked Mr. Chand my friend lost his mobile to which he confirmed about it and confirmed our location, and responded he is coming back to give the mobile. He came back after 5-7 minutes and returned the mobile and asked sir, please take care of your belongings. We thanked him and he moved further.
The guy was not only genuine and soft spoken in his tone, but also seemed a genuine person to me. Honesty is the best policy and yes even at the times where the evil is dominating our minds, sometimes these examples lead us to in believing that Goodness do exist as well. He drives a Maruti Suzuki Ritz, if you ever come to Jaipur and got a chance to ride in his car, thank him for his honesty and kind behavior.

Goodness is in all of us, we need to find it and keep it alive for the survival of the humanity.

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