Hello! Friends, today I decided to write on yoga. The drolly term ‘yoga‘ comprehends religion, ontology and convention of a “Sanskrit” confabulation which means ‘YUJ’. It is the blend of the discrete cognizance or soul with the undisputed cognizance or the spirit. It is a 5000 years old convention.


THE LIVELY ARCHAIC YOGA is a comprehensive mode of life that amalgamates all the basis of archaic knowledge of Yoga. Yoga laid preeminent stress on the inner forbearance of meditation. The science of Yoga inaugurate itself the entire aspect of the action of Life;

1) Gyan Yoga or aesthetics

2) Karma Yoga or path of enchanted activity

3) Bhakti Yoga or path of pious gladness

4) Raja Yoga or path of mind containment

In The Land of lively archaic Yoga programs, the enlightenment and methods of yoga are taught in a flawless, authentic way. These programs improve balance by helping to empower our body, soothe our mind, compass our focus and improve self-assurance.

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About Yoga – Groove Of Sprit

It is the Allurements of the yoga, that it guides and befriends you regardless you are old or young, fit or brittle. From working on the exterior calibration and mechanism of the pose you move towards clarifying your interior actions. “Groove Of Espirit” can be explored with the help of YOGA.

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International Yoga Day

On June 21st, thousands of yogis banded in over 500 locations to practice Yoga and Rumination, digging into inner pacifism. United Nations General Assembly on 11th of December in 2014, declared 21st of June as an International Yoga Day.

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The motive of Yoga is to create affinity in the physical, psychic and devotional attitude of the human being. Novitiate life into Yoga, so that you may ensure eminence in all the fields of life.

  “Be a Yogi, is the amiable discipline of

Lord Krishna.”

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