Did I just avoid my friend in the mall, who stood right beside me, with whom I have shared 4 long years of friendship? You might be feeling empty without their friendship and may wish to get back to them. But are you scared to make a first move or give them a second chance? Here are few tips to reconcile with your best friend on peaceful terms:

 1. Make up your mind:

“Remembering all those joyous moments that you had spent together and want to get them back?”

You must first sit down and carefully ponder over the fact if you really want to have the same level of friendship with them after that big fight. Give it deep thoughts if you have actually forgiven them for their mistake and are really willing to get back to the same friendship, forgetting everything that happened in the past.

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2.Go ahead and talk it up: You might want to go ahead and make the first move to talk to them. Setting back ego might help you get back your lost friendship. Make sure you are able to convince them for a meet up. During the meet up, you must talk about everything that had hurt you. It is better if you bring out all your frustration this moment and not keep it inside you for the future. Talk deeply and ask them why they were hurt.

Its always a good decision to apologize if you yourself made mistakes back then.

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3. Don’t force a friendship: You may badly want them back, but it may not be the same in their case. It might be quite possible that they just don’t want you back in their life and that they have come up just to discuss about the matter.

Remember forcing a friendship will never give you a healthy relationship.                                                                                                            friends3 Want to Reconcile with your BFF after a fight? Lifestyle   Ohbly.com

4.Never Expect: Before meeting them up and striking a conversation, you must get it in the back of your mind that this friendship might not work again the same way as it was earlier. Even more, you must not be afraid to move on.                                                                                                           friends4 Want to Reconcile with your BFF after a fight? Lifestyle   Ohbly.com

5. Make your friendship stronger than before: If all gets settled and they agree to get back on terms with you, you must make efforts to make this bond stronger than before.

You can go out for shopping, give them gifts, spend quality time together, or even go back deep into memories that builds a strong foundation for your new found friendship.


So, what are you waiting for? Make the first move and light up your life again with your BFF.

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