Nasty things happen with makeup on

Nasty things happen with makeup on

12236845765_bffaf11a2d_b-300x300 Nasty things happen with makeup on Women   Ohbly.comWe’re here to recapitulate that even if you have a crystal clear complexion, failing to properly cleanse before your nap. Then it’s not just bad for your skin, it’s terrible. ”Sleeping with makeup on obstructs your pores, and that buildup eventually blocks other beauty products from penetrating the skin”. The layering of a fancy night cream over your old makeup to soothe your non-cleansing guilt, will not give the benefit of applied cream even. It also blocks the skin’s natural exfoliation procedure. We lean-to 50 million skin cells a day. Result of grey, dull image will appear if the makeup on face is not released as soon as possible.

eye-makeup Nasty things happen with makeup on Women

                                EYE MAKEUP

Shimmer, sparkling shadows when applied on the eyes gives a styling effect. Now-days, mascara is been used much on eyelashes which term to be very risky. The longer an eye makeup remains in contact with the eyes, the higher your risk of infection. So it’s a suggestion to take off eye makeup with water gently.

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You might be thinking: how bad leaving a lipstick on lips would be? And what method is the girl using who has it on at the end of the night? Old lipsticks, can dry your lips when applied. Remedy for removing lipsticks is to use gel cleanser. “It’s a fast track to crinkly-looking lips, accentuating fine lines and cracks”.

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                               BASE MAKEUP

The reason behind clogging our pores in the short time is when we don’t remove our foundation which causes the worst thing for us. The powdery, greasy base makeup when applied for a long time may cause skin infections like eczema or rosacea. And because old foundations also keep other good products, like retinol and acne creams from penetrating, In that way you’re actually hurting your skin two-fold. So don’t do it.
Wipes are the easiest way to get escape from your base makeup. One or two should do the trick. Wipes somewhere may leave behind the residue so for that just make sure to follow up some uniform cleanser.

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                              FAKE EYELASHES

On a regular basis, fake eyelashes may lead to some serious problems of eyes, you may be convinced to leave them on while you snooze. But they should not be used over time, the tugging can exhaust your original lash-line.”Fake eyelashes may lead to red rash, an irritation, an itchy because of glue applied on it. Remedy for easy removal of fake eyelashes is to dissolve the glue and use oil-free makeup.