Indian kitchens have always been filled with big jars of ghee which has been in use for cooking in this sub continent since centuries.

1. Old Age Use of Ghee:

Be it especially for pregnant ladies or for general health, ghee has been the king in the recipes of our naanis and daadis. But many health issues such as cholesterol problems have forced people to resort to other vegetable oils and restrict to cooking techniques like steaming, stir frying and pressure cooking.

Health experts say that experimenting with your cooking oils may lead to more health issues.

2. Experimenting with cooking oils? Not a good idea.

The supermarkets are flooded with rice bran oil, extra virgin olive oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, palm oil, etc. Selection of these cooking oils may define your health card, say experts. They say that the use of refined oils must be very limited as these oils are heated at very high temperatures due to which the efficacy of these oils reduces and toxic substances get created in the process, which is the biggest cause of heart problems.

Meanwhile these Refined oils cannot bear the extreme levels of heating , they tend to degrade and give out toxic substances.

The cooking oil must be selected on the basis of style of cooking. Polyunsaturated oils like vegetable oils have become extremely in vogue when it comes to cooking and can be found extensively on supermarket shelves and in kitchen pantries. We have ignored ghee totally from our diets and what is not known well is that the age old ghee is very beneficial to our health.

3. Benefits of Ghee:

Ghee is high in saturated fat and has a very high smoke point, which doesn’t burn easily during cooking. The strong bonds in ghee molecules don’t let out those harmful and toxic peroxides while cooking. Moreover, ghee is light on your stomach. It aids in digestion and helps secrete the digestive juices better, in contrast to butter and other oils. It also helps in the absorption of various vitamins and minerals in the body. Joint mobility increases with the intake of ghee as it lubricates the joints. Even Ayurveda recognizes the health benefits of ghee very well. Infact some ayurvedic medicines are also advised to be had with ghee to cure many diseases. Regular use of ghee even helps to reduce bad cholesterol levels and levels up good cholesterol levels. It even sharpens the mind, and helps maintain good organ function.

Skin and hair health can also be achieved with ghee. And it has also been used as a laxative since ages when taken with milk.

4. Ghee: A Superfood

Modern science now agrees what Ayurveda has said for ages: that ghee is the best superfood for your body. So be careful while eliminating ghee from your diets completely. Obviously, no cooking oil can give you good health when taken in excess and without any physical activity. So stock up your kitchen pantry with ghee and make use of it in your daily cooking.