What to have this summer to get that boost of nutrients for our body? Well! we all know fruits are the best healthy option for this but are we eating the ones that are best for us?
In order to intake such fruits, we have selected 5 of the best summer fruits and highlighted their magnificent benefits. Keep on scrolling and find out what your refrigerator should be stocked with this summer.

watermelon-300x212 Dishoom summer with fruit box Health & Fitness   Ohbly.com 1. WATERMELON

Watermelon is the most healthiest and nutritious fruit consist of 92% of water. This watery fruit is immersed with a bulk of nutrients. Each juicy bite has consequential levels of fiber, protein, vitamin A, B6, and C, calcium, sodium, and thiamine. To get rid of heart attacks, different types of cancer, poor eyesight, hair loss, and various other diseases you need to have a couple of slices of watermelon in a day. How about dicing one right now?

cherries-300x246 Dishoom summer with fruit box Health & Fitness   Ohbly.com


Everyone loves a bowl full of cherries. Isn’t it? They are bit juicy which sweetens the mouth taste so have a handful of cherries every day to get the best of what they offer. This super fruit can make your sleep better, due to the source of melanin, reduce pain and joints soreness and prevent diabetes.

Red-Plums-300x278 Dishoom summer with fruit box Health & Fitness   Ohbly.com


This fruit is a good way to satisfy your hunger as well as thirst. They are just right for the summers. A daily dose of plums includes a better memory and stronger bones. What more you can have them all year long as prunes, the dried version. The latter is a good match for yogurt and granola.

melon-300x272 Dishoom summer with fruit box Health & Fitness   Ohbly.com4. MELONS

Muskmelon or cantaloupe is another great and nutritious summer choice. The fruit is rich in vitamin A and C, potassium and zinc and helps in improve immunity. One of the best quality is it reduces stress. When you need to select a muskmelon, the most important thing is that muskmelon smells sweet and musky. You are already craving a slice, aren’t you?

pineapple-300x283 Dishoom summer with fruit box Health & Fitness   Ohbly.com


When it comes to cut a Pineapple it feels like a challenge but it is worth the effort because Pineapple is enriched with vitamins A and C, minerals, phosphorus, potassium, calcium that strengthen the bones, reduces blood clot, lowers the risk of teeth falling and prevent colds.



There’s nothing better than a fruit summer salad which refreshes our senses and gives our body that nourishment of vitamins and minerals which keep us nutritious and healthy. Enjoy!

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