Food is Fuel

Take away meals, eating out often with friends and family, dinner meet-outs, amidst all these, we have forgotten what we actually eat food for. Food or annam is a fuel for our body. Just as you need you feed your car with petrol, the same purpose is served by food in our bodies. This natural mechanism has majorly been disturbed as we all tend to even avoid eating as much as possible to avoid getting fat. It will be surprising for such people to know that excessive dieting also leads to weight gain since we don’t give our body the basic fuel that it needs to function properly.

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Mindless Dieting

Excessive dieting or not eating properly altogether is a sign of hatred for food, where people have it ingrained that if they eat well, they probably will gain weight. Here comes the roles of food experts who have time and again stressed on the importance of healthy eating for our bodies. If we keep feeding our body with oily fast foods, or not give it what it needs, we are bound to get fat.
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Healthy way to lose weight

To adopt healthy eating habits, one must first carefully think and decide the road map to an intelligent way of weight loss. As goes the popular book- “Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight”, one must never go for harsh crash diets that harm your internal organs in the long run. Instead, look for healthy eating. Never skip a meal, look for healthy substitutes, eat according to your body’s requirement, don’t do emotional eating, are few guidelines towards an efficient weight loss, without getting yourself starved. Quick fix approaches to lose weight do more damage than good. So, in the long run to lose and maintain a healthy weight, one must consider food as your friend and not an enemy. Another book that will be a good guide towards a healthy way of weight loss is “ Eat Delete” by celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija who has helped scores of people to achieve a mindful weight loss.                                                                                    food-healthy-man-person-e1468666805709-1024x534 Food is your Friend, not your Foe Health & Fitness Lifestyle

Food Etiquette

Moreover, another report revealed that food also carries energy, and therefore eating or cooking with negative vibes or thinking that eating will make you fat, are thoughts that must be avoided. Its time we must revive our old food etiquettes of thanking god for the food, and eating slowly and happily towards good health.