Dressing up proper and still remaining cool? Looking for tips to dress up? Well, then you’re at the right place. It’s hard to daily come up with a new look, because you cannot play much with layered clothes scarves, heavy accessories etc. Since we are living in a very hot weather year round  we can fight the heat by wearing the right apparels, so here are some of best tips and tricks for dressing up this season.

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1. Choose structured & cool outfits

Light weight fabrics are great for the hot weather, not something that just cling on to your body, but something that has a structure. Something that’s cool when you wear and something well structured when you see it. A cool structured shirt loose in style but not so clingy, with a patterned trouser or pant is all you want.


light-fashion-hands-woman-1024x681 8 Tips To Dressup This Summer Lifestyle   Ohbly.com2. Don’t choose lined clothes, choose unlined clothes

More lined clothes create more lines between your skin and air, and they are more synthetic, these type of clothes will leave you like you are in a sauna session, you will suffocate within these clothes because there so you can use something loose and pair up with shorts or something else.

fashion2-1024x681 8 Tips To Dressup This Summer Lifestyle   Ohbly.com3. Choose variety of colors

In summers, you can choose variety of colors like neon colored attires, colors that make you feel cool and also avoid wearing much of black.

clothing-1045948_960_720 8 Tips To Dressup This Summer Lifestyle   Ohbly.com4. Choose floral material

Floral is considered to be more environment friendly pattern, and also it happens to be the best summertime staple for work-wear or casual. So you can add floral pattern to your wardrobe.

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5. Use bold prints

If you are bored of floral already then you can switch to bold prints. You can use shift dresses, pencil skirts etc. That will also be good for office wear.

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6. Use light weight accessories

Don’t use heavy metals, or accessories in summers, instead make use of light weighted accessories, which enhances your look.

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7. Use sunglasses

Use sunglasses when you go out in summers, it will give you a fresh look. 

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8. Wear clothes according to your age

The most  important fact is one should wear clothes according to their age and body language. 🙂

By following these tips to dress up you can manage to look elegant, classy and sophisticated in this hot sizzling summer and yet remain cool…. 🙂 🙂 ☺ ☺

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