Monsoon is the much awaited weather after the scorching April-June heat waves. The showers bring in happiness and Indra dev at this time is pretty much kurbaan on us. People keep fasts in saawan and pray to Lord Shiva, but nobody can resist those crunchy and spicy snacks that are best enjoyed in the rainy season. The showers that pour down, make our bodies crave for oily and spicy snacks. Here’s a list of top 7 such snacks that make us drool and are best enjoyed in the rains, with garmagaram chai.

1. Pakodas

Top 7 Indian Snacks to enjoy in this Monsoon

The most demanded snack in the rains is definitely pakodas. Innumerable Dil Ki Baate are done over a cup of chai and a plate of hot, spicy, and freshly made pakodas. Be it bread pakoda, aloo pakoda, paneer pakoda, onion pakoda, mirchi pakoda or gobi ka pakoda, Indians are obsessed with pakodas and  chai.

2. Samosas

Top 7 Indian Snacks to enjoy in this Monsoon

Another most demanded evening snack in the monsoons is the evergreen spicy samosa. It is best had with red and green chutney. No matter how slim you want to get, you can ever get enough of samosas and a second helping of samosa is always welcome on the plate.

3. Corn/bhutta

Top 7 Indian Snacks to enjoy in this Monsoon

Freshly prepared hot bhutta is ever in demand and the bhutta lovers huddle at the bhutta stalls even if it is drizzling. Hot bhutta, green chutney, lemon, and balck salt make every casual meeting complete.

4. Pav bhaji

Top 7 Indian Snacks to enjoy in this Monsoon

Another demanded food in monsoons is the spicy red pav bhaji. People just never seem to get enough of this snack and even lots of Amul butter seems less in the bhaji. The tangy, hot, and spicy bhaji makes the rainy day more enjoyable.

5. Hot Tomato Soup

Top 7 Indian Snacks to enjoy in this Monsoon

Tangy and rich tomato soup is best enjoyed with freshly baked garlic bread in the rainy weather. It is preferably had in the evening, with lots of black pepper powder and garlic in it.

6. Chole Bhature

Top 7 Indian Snacks to enjoy in this Monsoon

No matter to what restaurant you go to hang out with your friends, the monsoon menu is fixed for you.Yes. Chole Bhature is the most demanded spicy snacking option in the rains. The crunchy onions and green chutney complete the palette.

7. Aloo Tikki

Top 7 Indian Snacks to enjoy in this Monsoon

It is a treat to eat at a chaat stall while its drizzling. With the adrak chai, aloo tikki seems irresistible. Although it is the most preferred snack throughout the year in India, yet its demand increases in the monsoons.

These 7 snacks have already got you drooling. So, what are you waiting for? Plan out a casual evening with your friends and relish these spicy snacks. Couples can increase the romance by sharing these snacks together on the rainy day.

Ohbly wishes everyone a Happy Monsoon with these top 7 Monsoon snacks. If you like any other snack this season, let us know. You can even share your favorite snack recipe with us. Let us know it all in the comment section below.