Mohini Sharma Mane has always dreamed of representing her country on an international platform. With her recent winning of the Mrs India-World pageant, the 28-year-old entrepreneur’s dream will soon ring true, states Rachna Virdi.


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Here’s a perfect example of how hard work, persistence and determination work in your favour and help you make a mark in the world. Mumbai-based Mohini Sharma Mane’s recent victory at the Mrs India-World pageant has opened the doors for higher avenues, and she’s all set to make it big in the Mrs World 2016 contest. Having met her recently, she spoke at length about her dreams, aspirations and happiness mantra. Some excerpts from the interaction.


How does it feel having won the title of Mrs India-World?

It is a very mixed feeling. I’m little stunned but happy and very emotional. The feeling cannot be described in words. All I can say is that it is out of the world feeling. I was very humbled to have been announced as the winner. But, at the same time, there was a realization of future responsibilities too.


When and how did you think of participating in the pageant?

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Mohini Sharma in Indian attire

It was thanks to the women I came across in my life. I learned something from everyone and realized that every woman is great in her own way. I always try to imbibe at least one good quality of every woman I meet. In this process, I developed the notion of representing all those women; now people look upon me as a representative of all married women.

How did you prepare yourself for the challenge?

To be an achiever, you need to leave your comfort zone and take up the challenge head-on. Like everybody else, I too was nervous and petrified. But in spite of all the setbacks, there were people by my side, supporting me day and night. It’s not the challenges but who supported you during these challenging situations that matter.

According to you, what pre-requisites help one achieve success? 

To be successful in any field, all you need to have is Focus, Hard Work and Consistency.

You’ll soon be participating in Mrs World Contest on an international platform. How does it feel to be representing your country?

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Every Indian dreams of the opportunity to represent the country on any international platform. I feel honored and proud to be the one representing India on the world stage. I plan to give my best and leave a mark of humanity and sportsman spirit of India.

What other avenues do you plan to explore after this?

Currently, my only focus is to get the Mrs World crown to India. I have been connected to kids and am already running two schools. I would love to explore newer ways to educate the kids and also find a way to provide them international level of education and activities within India. And I would like to do the same for the under-privileged kids as well.

Being a business woman running two schools, helping your husband at work and participating in such contests…. How do you find time for juggling work and home?

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It’s my passion that keeps me going and I believe, passion and profession should go hand in hand. These things have always been there on my priority list; my priorities help me in time management which, I agree, is not easy. Even now, sometimes, I lack the skill, but I try my best to manage as much as I can every day.

What is your stay-fit and diet mantra?

To be physically fit, one needs to be mentally fit and active too. It’s your mental power that pushes you to be active and on your toes all day long. To stay mentally fit, all you need is a positive attitude and strong belief in yourself. My stay-fit and diet mantras are:

1. Drinking as much water as I can

2. Practicing yoga and breathing exercises at least 15 minutes a day.

You have a love for books. Name a few of your favorite ones?

My liking for books spans across opposites. Some of my favorite books are: Beyond the last blue mountain by JRD Tata; The Secret Series; Stay Hungry, Stay Young by Rashmi Bansal,; The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch; Tuesdays with Morris by Mitch Albom, and  most of the books by Robin Sharma and Steve Covey. 

Besides travelling, what are you most passionate about?

I have always been very passionate about these pageants, ramp walks, public speaking and everything related to a pageant that gives me an opportunity to display my talents. I couldn’t pursue my passion at the right age, but as it is said, “It’s never too late”. Even today, the love and passion for my pageant is as it was when I was 16.

What’s your idea of perfect happiness?

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The more we let go of things in life, the happier we are. It’s a long chain of qualities that helps us seek happiness. Qualities like maturity and independence that help us to let go easily and still stay satisfied so we easily seek peace which leads us to ultimate happiness.

What philosophy do you live by?

My life philosophy is: “Thinking big and never forgetting acknowledging those who touched my life and helped me travel this distance. At the end, my success story is drawn by the winning streak of every individual who helped me build this bridge so far.”


Rapidfire with Mohini

You love

Food. I keep frequenting new restaurants and trying out new cuisines

You love spending time with

 My family and school kids. I take off on family holidays, whenever possible

Your hobbies

I have an ardent love for gizmos, travelling, reading, sports and creating innovative new ventures

Your passion

 I am a globetrotter. I have a passion for travelling and adventure

 Your favorite destination

South Africa is one destination I am looking forward to explore

 You draw inspiration from

All the autobiographies and books I’ve read

 Your aspiration

 To give back to the community

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