Why should you stop eating the western foods:

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Indian Dal or Lentil Soup

It is a time we must acknowledge the importance of Indian diet and foods. Meanwhile, every Indian woman knows how to cook sambar, westerners are doing Phd in making perfect soups. And here we are leaving our food heritage and eating their burgers and pizzas, that not only drains our pockets. But is actually an unsuitable food for our bodies. Think carefully, how much do you spend each month eating out at fast food joints? And what about those huge amounts of calories that come free with it?

The sensibility with which food was eaten has been lost. Eating food and preparing it is actually an art that has been mastered by our forefathers, but we have lost it due to our extremely fast lifestyles where we are just bothered about 2 minute ready to eat foods.

“Indian SuperFoods”- Change the Way You Eat, another diet book by Rujuta Diwekar:

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Rujuta Diwekar, India’s leading nutritionist, after the huge success of her previous book” Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight“, has presented another diet book which looks very promising. Scores of Indians have now got a changed perspective on the weight loss journey with her previous book. It included effective and mindful weight loss tips for Indians. Now she is back with another book where she presents the importance of various Indian Superfoods, which are used for ages in Indian cooking. She has been a successful dietician with her other books which can be purchased here:  http://www.flipkart.com/author/rujuta-diwekar


She has always promoted the idea of Sensible Eating through her bestselling diet books.

Natural Indian Foods:

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Rocky and Mayur from NDTV Goodtimes enjoying local Indian food

What would you prefer? An expensive glass of cold drink that contains only calories and huge spoons of sugar without nutrition, or a glass of fresh sugarcane juice that is loaded with nutrition, is cheap, and will help the local economy as well! I would prefer the second one, without any shame. Indian staple foods like wheat, dahi, bajra, sugarcane juice, fruits, dals, etc have been sidelined and are now replaced with blueberries, oats, wine, pizzas, burgers, etc which are not Indian origin, and are not suitable for Indian body requirements.

There is no need to elaborate the importance of Indian staple foods that are actually SuperFoods, warehouses of essential vitamins and minerals needed for the body.

Ever thought how a poor man lives healthily throughout his life with just simple dal roti chawal, and the rich one who can afford meals at 5 star hotels deal with cancer? That simple dal roti chawal comes straight from farm to his plate whereas what comes on a rich man’s plate is essentially 10 stages processed foods.

Essential Guidelines for Losing Weight Effectively, The Desi Way:

Vegetarian_Curry How to lose weight with the Indian Superfoods Featured Health & Fitness   Ohbly.com
Healthy Indian Food
  1. Early Dinner: Indians prefer to eat their dinner by sunset, which has a scientific logic to it. Whatever you eat after sunset doesn’t get properly digested and hence gets stored in your body in the form of fat.Eating dinner by 7 pm helps you lose weight naturally.
  2. Eat at Home: Try to eat home cooked food. You must try to incorporate home cooked food as much as possible. Avoid eating out frequently. One meal per week eating out is enough to satisfy those cravings.
  3. Drink Water: Water means plain water, no sodas, no packaged beverages, no alcohol. Our bodies are 70% water and hence an average person must drink 8-10 glasses of water to maintain proper digestion.
  4. Move your Jaws more: Why do you have a set of teeth? To eat and chew your food well. Chew your food properly, so that when the food reaches the digestive system, the load is very less on it and can be easily digested.
  5. Never Skip Breakfast: The most common mistake people make is not eating breakfast. Doing so, you will get fat, and not thin. Your body needs fuel to function after a long gap of last days’ dinner. If you don’t give it food, it won’t function properly.
  6. Indian Foods:  Go desi by opting for parathas, rotis, sabji, dals, chawal, rajma, etc as these foods are rich in vitamins and minerals which are needed by your body.
  7. Sit on the Floor while eating: Indian households have long observe the ritual of sitting down on the floor for having meals. It helps digest food better, so you must incorporate this eating habit to stay fit.

Never underestimate Indian food. It is the best Diet to stay fit and healthy

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