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get a good hair texture, just by shampooing the right way

How to shampoo the right way?

You shampoo nearly everyday, But ever wondered whether you are doing it the right way? Ever thought that just by shampooing and washing your hair the right way you can make a huge difference in your hair texture? Well, any task, may it be small or big, if done properly, will definitely produce great results. So let’s jump into the correct way of shampooing your hair to achieve great results out of it:

1. Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Straightaway shampooing is not a good idea. The harsh chemicals present in the shampoo, if used directly, will harm you hair by stripping the natural oils from it. So swear today- “I won’t shampoo my hair until I give it a hot oil deep conditioning treatment or a good hair pack”. If you follow a pre shampoo treatment before shampooing your hair each time, trust me nobody can stop you from having the much desired Rapunzel hair.

2. Washing hair with lukewarm/cool/normal water

Firstly, decide what temperature of water to have to wash your hair with. If the weather is cold, you should wash with lukewarm water(not hot water, as it harms hair), and after you have washed your hair fully, you can go on to give a last normal/slightly cool water rinse. If the weather is hot, you must wash with normal-slightly cool water. You must avoid washing with hot water as much as possible.

3. Remove tangles

If you have oiled your hair, tame it down by combing it first, so as to remove all tangles. This way you reduce the amount of water and shampoo used. If you have applied a hair pack, make sure you detangle before using the hair pack. This way you reduce the amount of hairfall caused due to friction and pulling. Use a wide toothed comb to detangle.

4. Wet your hair

Pour water on your hair, and drench it in water. Don’t just use 2 mugs of water and straightaway take shampoo and start rubbing it. Take good amount of water, and slowly wet your hair with water. Pour water on your scalp as well as hair. Don’t touch the shampoo bottle unless your hair is drenched in water.

5. Make a shampoo liquid

Do you take loads of shampoo in your palm, take water, dilute it and start rubbing your scalp? Drop that habit right now! You must take a small amount of shampoo from the shampoo bottle, take 4-5 tbsp of water in a mug, and dilute the shampoo with your fingers. Dilute it until you get the shampoo in total liquid form. This dilution is done to ensure that you spread shampoo easily on your wet hair and that you don’t take excess amount of that harsh chemical on your hair.

6. Rub the shampoo liquid Gently

Pour the shampoo liquid on your scalp, not your hair length.Pour this on your hair length only if you have a very heavy oiling treatment or a heavy hair pack in your hair. You may not get the shampoo quantity right the first time, but with 2-3 times of practicing this procedure, you will learn what amount of shampoo your hair needs,depending on the length and thickness of your hair. Now start rubbing gently on your scalp, gently, with your fingers. Then you must ensure that all parts of your scalp must be rubbed and carefully covered with shampoo. Rub the remaining shampoo foam on your hair length. Don’t use shampoo liquid on your hair length unnecessarily (if you are washing hair without any oil or hair pack).

7. Wash with water

Remove all the shampoo foam and dirt by next pouring water on your hair. Wash all the shampoo out by pouring water and making use of your fingers to rub your scalp. Don’t just keep pouring water. Make good use of your fingers on every part of your scalp to remove the remaining shampoo.

8. Conditioner/ a Hair Rinse as per your choice

If your hair needs extra moisture, use a conditioning hair rinse or a conditioner as per your hair needs. Avoid unnecessary use of chemical based hair conditioner. You can use tea rinse, lemon rinse, rice water rinse, or a vinegar rinse. Rinses are great to seal the moisture and impart shine. If you are using a conditioner, you must keep it on your hair lengths for 5 minutes and then wash it off with water. If you use a hair rinse, keep it for 2 minutes. And follow the next step.

9. Wash again with slightly cool water

This is the last step of shampooing the right way. You must pour slightly cool water as a last rinse on your hair. This slightly cool water will close all the cuticles that had been opened while washing your hair.

10. Hair Wash Frequency

The key to healthy hair is how much are you pampering them. Your tresses will be healthy only if you avoid harsh chemicals and shampoo only when required. Dry hair needs shampooing only twice a week. Oily hair can be shampooed thrice a week to reduce the oil build up. To maintain the ph balance of your scalp, you must shampoo only twice or thrice a week only. Remember, the natural oil that your scalp produces is your hair’s best friend. No treatment can substitute your scalp’s natural oil.

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