In A Conversation With Subhash Jha

In A Conversation With Subhash Jha

Every day we face the legal hassles from taxation issues to legal compliance’s, legal solutions and so on. Every solution to your legal problem requires different authorities at different places and at the end, we wind up wasting tones of money, time and our resources and still unable to get the work done.
What if I told u that Mr Subhash Jha has a solution to all your legal issues under one hood? Yes, Mr Subhash Jha Along with his team comprising of Three co-founders

  • Mr. Abhinit Singh,
  • Mr. Sujit Jha &
  • Mr. Jay Malani

Has created a solution for all legal problems.
A new venture startup based out of Kolkata, providing legal solutions to every domain of society including the entrepreneurs and on an individual basis as well.

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Under one roof all legal professionals like the lawyers, Chartered Accountants and Company Secretary across India helps to resolve all legal based issues acting as a friend of yours, It aims to provide their legal services and consultation irrespective of any caste, creed, and religion, treating everyone from high society to low society people as one.

As quoted by Charles Morgan ” If Moses had gone to Harvard Law School and spent three years working on the Hill, he would have written the Ten Commandments with three exceptions and a saving clause.” Instead of seeking an advice which can ruin your resources try consultancy with LegalSalah you might create wonders out of it.

You can render the services at very nominal prices instead of tearing the edges of your wallet and sulking the money out of it.The firm HQ is based in Kolkata along with a branch office in Delhi. This startup is growing and expanding its roots at a steady and unexpectedly faster pace. The company seeks to bring the services offered at the doorstep and eliminate all the possible legal problems faced by the people.

Mr. Jha vision to provide the legal solutions at the doorstep and with a few clicks away on your laptop screen is to make the people fully independent of their time and stress.

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The basic idea explained by Mr. Jha is to provide easy and affordable services from best and experienced lawyers, CA, Cs and business consultants in a budget of common people. They can seek email advice, phone advice, private conference and documents from them in a lowest and discounted price. The introductory prices for availing service start at only Rs 500 from the experienced and helpful people at your service.

We wish Mr. Jha and his team in a successful journey ahead and extend our deepest best wishes on turning his company as PVT LTD.


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