Beauty Secrets of Indian Women- Guide to Indian Beauty

1Indian Women

What comes to your mind when I say- an Indian Lady? Mesmerizing beauty, flawless skin, long luscious hair and a healthy look are the most common answers. Since the ancient times, Indian women have been extremely famous for their skin and hair beauty. That nath, earrings, bangles, hair accessories like matha patti, maang teeka, bindi, lip color, mehendi, etc look best on Indian Women. Wondering why and how Indian Women look so flawless and make themselves appealing? Lets have a look at the age old Indian Feminine beauty secrets:


It is an ancient spice that has been used widely among Indians. From cooking to marriage rituals, it forms an important part of the Indian families. It has been used in Ayurveda also, to treat many ailments like fever, joint problems, etc. Remember our naani daadi always used to give us a glass of turmeric milk at bed time when we were sick? That’s because it is an extremely beneficial spice to fight various disorders.Turmeric also finds an important place in Indian Beauty Regime as it is widely used in face packs, to remove dark skin, tan, blemishes, marks, and to achieve that flawless skin.It is anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory which makes it best for acne prone skin.

3 Orange Peel

Orange is a very citrus fruit and has been used since a long time to get that good amount of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is excellent for maintaining skin cells. It is beneficial for both skin and hair as well. Moreover, when used on skin, it takes away excess dirt and oil and gives you a neat and clean skin. It also fights pigmentation successfully.

4Gram Flour/Besan

Besan has been used extensively in Indian beauty products. Ladies have used it with curd, honey and turmeric as a scrub as well as a face pack. It gives the skin a soft and supple look, and that healthy glow. Without being harsh on your skin, it moisturizes and  removes excess oil too.


Fenugreek is also a spice that finds an important place in Indian kitchens as well as beauty regime. It alleviates menstrual cramps, increases breast milk production, eases diabetes and even aids digestion. Apart from all these body benefits, it is also used as a skin care treatment. Women use it to moisturise their skin, by soaking the seeds overnight in water and using that paste next morning. This is also used as a hair pack. The high amount of lecithin-an emulsifying substance that makes the paste slippery. This is the best known hair fall remedy. Indian women swear by fenugreek paste to increase hair growth. So, now you know why Indian women have those long and healthy braids.


Curd, yoghurt or simply dahi as we call it, has been used since ages to promote a healthy skin and give it a natural shine. Dahi is rich in antioxidants and other vitamins that penetrate deep into the skin. It is also used in haircare- a mixture of curd, amla juice and honey makes hair grow faster.


It has a high amount of Vitamin C in it which helps build up skin cellls. It is used with honey and curd to impart that shine to skin as well s hair. Lemon is also used to cure itchy scalp and dandruff that develops in monsoons. Lemon is also used as a bleaching agent. Women with oily scalp also use it as a last hair rinse to control the excess oil secretion on scalp.


Neem is excellent for purifying the body. It is a superb detoxifying agent. Neem juice keeps immune system strong and diabetes at bay. It is also used to treat skin blemishes, rashes, irritation, burning. For hair, it treats head lice, dandruff, and itchy scalp.


9Fullers Earth/Multani Mitti

Indian women have used multani mitti with curd to moisturize their hair and impart a lot if shine to it. It removes dead cells from the skin, improves skin texture and imparts shine to it. It also cools down the skin due to its cooling properties. It makes an excellent face pack with Rose water/ gulab jal.


Honey finds an important place in Indian beauty care. It is an excellent moisturizer. It is used with dahi, lemon and turmeric to give a shiny, soft and supple skin. It is also used in hair masks. Your hair will be shiny and manageable after using curd and honey hair pack.

11Aloe Vera

It is the most commonly found plant in Indian households. It solves many skin and hair problems at once. Be it burns, rashes or cuts, it treats all of them very effectively. It increases hair growth when rubbed on scalp. Skin becomes shiny and soft as it can penetrate the skin easily.

12Hair Oiling followed by a head Massage

The favorite oils used by Indian ladies in their hair care are: mustard oil, coconut oil, almond oil and sesame oil. Indian women swear by these oils and keep refined market made oils at bay. They love to oil their hair,and comb it down till the last strands to maintain their scalp’s ph balance. And there’s nothing in the world like the good old Champi or head massage.It increases blood flow to the hair follicles and allows the oil to penetrate in them. This gives logn and beautiful hair. They love to oil their hair twice or thrice a week. I know few Indian ladies who have been oiling their hair and massaging it since their childhood and now have waist length thick and silky hair.

13Apart from these external beauty care, Indian women have, since ages, have always focused on body care from within, as what you eat, shows on your skin. These are the few things that Indian ladies do to maintain a healthy glow on their skin and beautiful hair, from inside:

14Hair and Skincare Routine

Indian women have always been caring towards their their hair and skin. First, they detect their skin type– be it oily, dry or combination. And then only they go on to use homemade masks according to their skin type. They choose ingredients wisely, eg- a woman with oily skin will not use too much of honey in her face pack, while a woman with dry skin won’t use too much of lemon. And the other most important thing about Indian Hair and Skincare Regime is consistency. Using a face pack or a hair mask once in a blue moon? Indian women never do that. They always take good care of their hair, skin and nails, no matter what. And if there’s a celebration coming up, they don’t need to do much, they just need to show off their gorgeous skin and luscious locks.


Exercise forms an important part of body maintenance for Indian Ladies. They always like to keep their weight under check, and keep themselves maintained and healthy. They love to practise yog/yoga which keeps them energized and ready even for a hard working day. In yog, they like to do pranayam/breathing exercises, meditation, surya namaskar/ sun salutations, and various other beneficial yog asanas to stay fit and fine. Even if not yog, they love to be active throughout the day and keep themselves engaged in one or the other task. This keeps the blood flowing in their body and keeps them toned. This in turn results in a healthy skin and beautiful hair which seems to grow longer and longer.


Want to know everything about a healthy diet? Learn it from an Indian woman. Even Indian girls can easily tell you what to eat for a healthy skin as diet forms an important part of Indian households. Food is prepared with great care and love. Desi ghee/ Calirfied butter is prepared in almost every Indian household almost every week. The benefits of ghee can be searched here: Apart from ghee, mustard oil, nuts, seeds, pulses, fruits and green leafy vegetables form a part of a healthy Indian diet. It is well said that what you eat, reflects in the form of good hair ad skin health. Suppose if you are sick, your hair has the tendency to shred easily, whereas a healthy person shreds less hair.