3 Easy Summer Braids Hairstyles

Scorching heat and open hair? It’s every girl’s horror. So, how can you look good with your hair all tied, this summer? Braids are the answer. They let you work hassle free as well as make you look chic and cute. Here are few easy summer braids hairstyles, suitable for short as well as long hair.

1. Summer Braids Hairstyles – The Messy Side Braid:

When regular braids bore you, you can always experiment with them. Take all your hair on one side and then you can make a regular side braid, but keeping it loose and letting few hair strands out to give it a messy look. You can secure it with a clear elastic band. Parting hair on sides is your choice. You can even add up few hair accessories to make your look even cuter.

hair1-1024x576 3 Easy Summer Braid Hairstyles Style Hunter   Ohbly.com2. Summer Braids Hairstyles – Three Braid Hair:

No problem if you know only how to make a regular braid. Part your hair into sections on the sides. And in each section make a braid. This will give you 3 braids. Now you must braid these 3 sections into a single braid. Take out few hair strands from between and you are good to go.

hair2 3 Easy Summer Braid Hairstyles Style Hunter   Ohbly.com3. Summer Braids Hairstyles – Braided Bun:

This will take braiding to new heights. You can wear your hair fully up in this and look extremely elegant. Braid your hair into 3 braids and make them together into a clean round bun. And viola, you are perfect hair ready.

hair3 3 Easy Summer Braid Hairstyles Style Hunter   Ohbly.com