struggle2 We are the Brainiest, and ever Tired Generation Education

The world has a population of 1.8 billion young people(between 15-30), out of which, India has a youth population consisting of 356 million(between 10-24).

India is  all set to become the youngest country in the world by 2020. The budding generation of Millenials( millenials are the people born between 1980’s-2000) is the brainiest and best-educated generation ever, a report in the Economist says.

1. Brainy and Hardworking:

This millenial generation is indeed very brainy as is evidently seen by the work of Mark Zukerberg(Facebook), Sergey Brin(Google), Larry Page(Google), Kevin Systrom(Instagram). Other few young Indian entrepreneurs whose works are highly commendable in such a tender age would be:

Shravana Kumarana and Sanjay Kumaran,

India’s youngest entrepreneurs, these 14 and 12 year old techie brothers are the founders of Go Dimensions, an app development unit and Farrhad Acidwala: At the age of 16 by borrowing 500 rs from his father for buying a domain name and then going on to build a web community devoted to aero modelling and aviation, they are our little heroes. A recent study revealed that in our country, working hours are easily stretched to 11 hours a day, 6 days a week, which tells how much hardwork is put into their work by the young.

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2. Ever Tired Generation:

A recent study revealed that this generation is mostly tired. Fatigue seems to be a huge problem with the young. Obviously they love to snooze the alarm each day and that 5 minute sleep is a heavenly experience.

Higher expectations from parents, family and peers, a demanding career, part time jobs, secret love lives, the young have a lot to fulfill in a short span of time.

Multitasking takes a toll on their lives and sleep deprivation is the biggest issue of all. Because of this and huge working hours without any rest, the natural body clock gets disturbed and all is left is lethargy.

struggle5-300x166 We are the Brainiest, and ever Tired Generation Education

3. Never Ending Struggle:

This generation’s young are well connected with the world through technology, and they seem to know everything in and around the world. Their intelligent minds give birth to innovations and they are also well educated than any generation. Morning classes, regular college, part time job, gym, and social life, when handled together, takes a toll on this generation and it seems very difficult for them to prove themselves at every step of their life.

They also have to tackle the “shaadi ki sahi age” comments by their family and relatives and now the young are seen getting

married mostly at 28-30, which they feel is the perfect time when they have settled well and are ready for a matrimony.

Amongst these ups and downs, their broken hearts are always brimming with love for their special one.

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4. The World Ruled By Millenials:

What will the world be like when today’s young people are in charge? When the millennials rule, society will be “more meritocratic and better governed”. They user resources efficiently, care for mother nature, buy products by first checking out the ingredients, do car pooling,plant trees, clean their area and more. The world will surely grow socially more liberal.

The young are less racist than the old and definitely more tolerant. They care more for the natural resources and are always seen showing Greener ways of living.

struggle3-1024x640 We are the Brainiest, and ever Tired Generation Education

They demand flexible hours and a good work-life balance because they know that just being in office doesn’t make you productive. Social media is efficiently used by them, may it be to expand their business or to share the pictures of their beloved.

Their enthusiasm for new ideas (and lack of spare cash) has kick started money-saving technologies from Uber to WhatsApp.

They take longer to get married and make children, but so what? Even then they successfully find their way to everything.




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